Magsafe Tester

Magsafe tester is device with which you can test your apple adapter. Just plug magsafe connector to tester wait 20 – 30 s and it will start blink Red Green Amber. If adapter is not Genuine it will be just green and red. There is also LCD and you can see wattage, serial number and id of your magsafe adapter. Because connector is for magsafe 2 you can test magsafe 1 but need to tune power jack.

How to test your Apple Adapter

With MagSafe Tester you can easy and fast test Apple Power Adapter status work or not as well can use as a tool to differentiate between the fake and genuine Apple Power Adapter.


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What is a magsafe Tester

Difference between genuine and not genuine adapters

Finally found some spare time to find out what is difference between genuine and not genuine adapter cables and why on non genuine adapters you cannot change diodes lights and id is readed with faults. Take logic analyzer and make some captures to see where are differences. This is screenshot of communication between mac and …

Magsafe Tester

Magsafe connector how to test it and what is difference between genuine and not genuine adapter Thanks to Ken Shirriff’s blog we found a lot of information about Magsafe connector. Two pins are power, two pins are ground, and the middle pin is a data connection to the laptop. Inside the Magsafe connector is a …